Wedding Date: 9/12/2011

“Jeff was awesome. He and his team made the wedding dinner planning process stress free and smooth sailing. We are so blessed to have him to be our event planner and emcee and pulling off our special day. We received so many compliments on our wedding dinner and this is because Jeff put everything together perfectly and his ideas are brilliant and creative. The most importantly, he understood our needs and vision and always be professional, responsive and quick. We highly recommend him to any engaged couple.

Lastly, we would like to wish Jeff all the best and thanks again for his outstanding service”


Patrick Tiong & Alice Wong 


Wedding Date: 26/10/2012

Michelle and I were happy to choose MC Jeff for our wedding emcee.  From our first meeting and leading up to the wedding we found him and his team courteous, professional and knowledgeable. He had a great arrangement of music, guest singing option and he fulfill our requirement. We felt disburden and warm during our wedding dinner. As well as he was an impeccable emcee and controlled the flow very well. He gave us a wedding rehearsal before we enter to the dinner night to make the night looks great without any mistake. He can do well in wedding planning which we do not need to use much time on planning purpose. Our guests and us had a wonderful time with MC Jeff. Once again to say MC Jeff would be the best choices to you and us.

Stanley Fung & Michelle Ho


One Response to Testimonials

  1. Raymond and Ophelia says:

    During our wedding, it seems like Jeff is a very popular guy and he works closely with most technicians including the restaurant’s officials. With that, its obvious to say that he is a very cooperative person and easy going with any different requests or needs from both of his client’s and the restaurant’s, and all of the worries on getting things done during the wedding dinner has been taken care of. We all enjoyed how he orchestrated his talents and experiences throughout the whole event. Most of all, he can converse in both english and mandarin, since we had guests from different races and its important for us to look for an emcee that can deliver in both language. Jeff, he is not only up for any ceremony or event just for the business, it was really great to know that a certain percentage of our fees that we paid are going to charity as well.

    Once again we would like to thank Jeff and his team for their tremendous effort and time.

    Raymond & Ophelia

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